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A to Z Index of Programs and Services

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811 - Peace of mind 24/7
top    A
AIDS/HIV Drug Program
Abortion Services
Addiction Services
Adult 'Speech Language Pathology' Program
Adult Day Programs
Adult Protection Program
Advance Care Planning
Ambulance Services
Asthma Education Centre
top    B
Beach Grove Home
Blood Services
top    C
Cancer Screening Programs
Cancer Treatment Centre
Catastrophic Drug Program
Central Queens Health Centre (Hunter River)
Children in Care Drug Program
Chronic Disease Prevention and Management
Colorectal Cancer Screening Program
Colville Manor
Community Hospital O'Leary
Community Mental Health Drug Program
Community Nutrition
Computed Tomography (CT Scans)
Convalescent/Restorative Care Unit - Prince Edward Home
Cystic Fibrosis Drug Program
top    D
Dental Public Health Services
Diabetes Drug Program
Diagnostic Imaging Services
Doctor - Find a Family Doctor
Drug Programs
top    E
Emergency Department VS Walk-in Clinic (QEH)
Erythropoietin Drug Program
Evangeline Health Centre
Eye See ... Eye Learn Program
top    F
Family Health Benefit Drug Program
Family Life Education
Family Medicine Residency Program
Financial Assistance Drug Program
Frequently Asked Questions (PCH)
top    G
Gambling Addiction Services
General Radiography
Generic Drug Program
Geriatric Program
Growth Hormone Drug Program
top    H
Health Care Professionals
Health Centres
Hemodialysis Service
Hemodialysis Visitor Service
High Cost Drug Program
Hillsborough Hospital and Special Care Centre
Home Care Program
Home Oxygen Program
top    I
Immunization Program
Institutional Pharmacy Program
Insulin Pump Program
top    K
Kings County Memorial Hospital
top    L
Long-term Care
top    M
MRI Patient Preparation
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
Maplewood Manor
Margaret Stewart Ellis Home
Medical Education Program
Meningitis Drug Program
Mental Health Services
Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program
top    N
Nuclear Medicine
Nursing Home Drug Program
Nutrition Services Program
top    O
Organ and Tissue Donation
Out-of-Province Liaison Program
Out-of-Province Medical Services (non-emergency)
Out-of-Province Travel Support Program
top    P
PEI Health Card
PEI Pharmacare
PEI Research Ethics Board
PEI Wait Times
Pap Screening and Cervical Cancer Prevention
Patient Registry Program
Patient Safety
Period of PURPLE Crying Program
Peritoneal Dialysis Service
Phenylketonuria (PKU) Supplement Program
Pre-School Health
Prenatal, Postnatal and Child Health
Preschool 'Speech Language Pathology' Program
Prevention, Promotion and Early Intervention - Speech Language Pathology
Prince County Hospital
Prince Edward Home
Provincial Addictions Treatment Facility
Provincial Breast Screening Program
Provincial Diabetes Program
Provincial Diagnostic Imaging Services
Provincial Integrated Palliative Care Program
Provincial Laboratory Services
Provincial Renal Clinic
Provincial Renal Program
Public Health Nursing
top    Q
Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Quit Smoking Drug Program
top    R
Rabies Vaccine Program
Reproductive Care Program
Riverview Manor
top    S
Seniors' Drug Program
Sexually Transmitted Disease Drug Program
Sherwood Home
Smoking Cessation Program
Souris Hospital
Speech Language Pathology
Stewart Memorial
Stroke Care Program
Summerset Manor
top    T
Transplant Anti-rejection Drug Program
Transplant Surgery Travel and Accommodation Assistance
Tuberculosis Drug Program
top    U
Under 60 Population Care Unit - Prince Edward Home
top    V
Volunteer Services
Volunteer Services (PCH)
top    W
Walk-in Clinics
Wedgewood Manor
Western Hospital
Withdrawal Management Program
top    Y
Your Privacy
Youth Recovery Centre - Strength Program Site

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