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Ambulance Services

Island EMS provides emergency and non-urgent ambulance service across the province 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The cost is subsidized for Island residents with a valid PEI Health Card. Emergency service is fully covered for Island seniors.

What will I pay for ambulance service in PEI?
Ground ambulance service (within PEI) Emergency Non-Urgent
PEI Seniors (65 years+) Fee covered $150
PEI Residents $150 $150
Non-Residents $600 $600
The ambulance fee for a physician-referred transfer from one PEI hospital to another is covered.  

Will I have to pay for ambulance transport to an out-of-province hospital?
The cost for ambulance service is covered for Island residents who are referred by a PEI physician to an out-of-province hospital for treatment.

You must pay the full cost if you arrange your own ambulance service and are not deemed to medically require ambulance transportation and paramedic care.

Non-residents will be charged the full cost of the ambulance service.

What will I pay for ambulance transport to an out-of-province hospital?
Return Trip
Ground ambulance transfer to
out-of-province hospital
St. John
Moncton Halifax
St. John
PEI resident (PEI physician referral) Fee covered Fee covered Fee covered Fee covered
PEI resident (non-referral) $800 $550 $1,200*
Non-Resident $1,080.50 $691.95 $2,161 $1,383.90
*  Return trip is within two hours of arriving at destination
**Return trip is over two hours of arriving at destination

What if I am transported by air ambulance?
Emergency air ambulance service is provided to Island residents who are critically ill and require immediate care at an out-of-province specialty hospital. Non-residents are required to pay the full cost of air ambulance services.
Air ambulance fees for out-of-province emergency care Cost
PEI Residents (PEI physician referral) Fee covered
Non-resident Canadians $12,000
Non-Canadians $18,000

What if I require ambulance service while travelling outside of PEI?
You must pay the full cost of the applicable ambulance or air ambulance fee within the province/territory or country you are visiting. This includes all medical air transports back to Prince Edward Island.

Are ambulance services regulated in PEI?
The Emergency Medical Services Board licenses paramedics according to legislated standards and regulations in the Emergency Medical Technicians Act [PDF | 102 KB]. Health PEI, in partnership with the Department of Health and Wellness, monitors ambulance services to ensure compliance with standards established by the Ambulance Services Act [PDF | 137 KB].

What other information is available?

How do I contact Ambulance Services?
16 Garfield Street Emergency Health and Planning Services
Health PEI
16 Garfield Street
Charlottetown, PE   C1A 7N8
Telephone:  (902) 368-6719
Fax:  (902) 620-3072

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