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Health PEI audiology services are located at the Sherwood Business Centre, 161 St. Peters Road, Charlottetown.  Services include:  

  • Hearing assessments for children and adults
  • Hearing aid services for clients up to twenty-one years of age
  • Central auditory testing 
  • In-services and workshops associated with healthy hearing

According to the Hearing Foundation of Canada, your child’s hearing should be checked if he or she:

  • Appears to have articulation problems or speech/language delays
  • Has difficulty locating sounds
  • Has difficulty understanding what people are saying
  • Watches others to imitate what they are doing
  • Responds inappropriately to questions
  • Doesn’t reply when you call him or her
  • Seems to speak differently than other children of the same age
  • Complains of earaches, ear pain, or head noises
  • Turns the TV volume to an excessively high level
  • Has academic or behavioural problems

According to the Hearing Foundation of Canada, as an adult, you should suspect a hearing loss if:

  • You find yourself continually asking people to repeat themselves
  • Your family or friends complain that you watch TV at a loud volume
  • Voices are unclear on the telephone
  • You find it difficult to understand speech in noisy situations
  • You find yourself straining to understand conversations in social settings or at work

How to access this service:
  • Requests for services through Health PEI audiology can be made by calling (902) 368-5807.  Both self-referrals and professional referrals are accepted.
  • Beginning in October, 2014, Health PEI will be expanding coverage of private audiology services for individuals over the age of four.  If you would like to access private audiology services, please go to for more information.
  • Referrals for private audiologists are accepted from family physicians, nurse practitioners, public health nurses, and speech language pathologists. 
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Locations where this service is provided:
CHARLOTTETOWN Health PEI - Sherwood Business Centre, Charlottetown Sherwood Business Centre
161 St. Peters Road
Charlottetown, PE   C1A 7N8

T: (902) 368-5807
F: (902) 620-3195

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