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Recruitment of New Board Members

Help plan our health care future

The Health PEI Board of Directors is seeking members of the public to fill upcoming vacancies.


How do I apply?
Applications are available on-line through Engage PEI.  You can apply online or by printing the form and mailing it to Engage PEI.

Please include the following items in your application package: 


  • Completed application form;
  • Covering letter;
  • Resume or curriculum vitae; and,
  • Two letters of reference.

Criminal records check:  Please note, applicants invited to participate in an interview will be required to provide a completed criminal record check at that time.

What is the deadline?
The application deadline is December 18, 2015.

When and how will I be contacted?
During the selection process, applicants will be contacted as follows:


  • Applicants to be invited to participate in an interview will be contacted directly. Only those invited to participate in an interview will be contacted.  
  • Successful applicant(s) will be notified of the decision.  Once appointments are confirmed, the decision will be publicly announced.

How will the selection process work?
Screening:  Engage PEI will forward all applications received to the Health PEI Board.

Interviews:  Prospective candidates will be invited to participate in an interview. Candidates will be required to submit a completed criminal records check.

Notification:  Successful applicant(s) will be notified of the decision. These candidates will be asked to confirm whether they accept or decline the appointment.

What is the Health PEI Board of Directors?
Health PEI, established in 2010, is a crown corporation responsible for the operation and delivery of publicly-funded health services for Islanders.

Health PEI is governed by a board of directors that ensures approved programs are delivered in accordance with the direction from the Minister of Health and Wellness. 

The Board of Health PEI is a competency-based board whose members are appointed by the Minister of Health and Wellness.

Who can be a board member?
The Health PEI Board provides a great opportunity to contribute to our Island community.

Any resident of Prince Edward Island is eligible to become a board member.

What is meant by a competency-based board?
Effective boards need members who add value to the organization’s work. Competency- based boards are considered a best practice for health care governance by a growing number of not for profit and governmental organizations. In general, the following are considered to be essential board member competencies:


  • Sound understanding of the organization;
  • Commitment to continuing education;
  • Ability to contribute in group decision making;
  • Ability to detach personal interests from issue analysis;
  • Effective relationship building abilities; and
  • Ability to stay strategically focused.

In addition to these general competencies for all members, there are skills, knowledge and experience which must be present at the board level which may not necessarily be shared by all members. These more specific competencies include:


  • Finance;
  • Health care administration / service;
  • Government relations;
  • Quality and risk management;
  • Patient and health care advocacy;
  • Public affairs; and
  • Communications.

It is also important that the board profile reflects a balance of gender, geography, language, and ethnicity consistent with the profile of the province.

What is the work of the board?
The board works on behalf of all Islanders to provide high-level oversight of Health PEI’s financial management and delivery of safe, quality health care. It governs Health PEI, oversees the work of the Chief Executive Officer, and advises the Minister of Health and Wellness on health policy matters. The board is ultimately accountable to the Minister of Health and Wellness. Principle responsibilities include:


  • Employing the Chief Executive Officer;
  • Setting the strategic direction of Health PEI, in line with the priorities of government;
  • Establishing policies which specify executive / organizational expectations, governance processes, board-management delegation;
  • Monitoring executive / organizational performance in relation to achievement of the strategic direction and compliance with board policies;
  • Monitoring the budget and ensuring required financial and other reporting requirements are met;
  • Monitoring the principle risks of the organization and the policies in place to manage those risks;
  • Monitoring organizational quality and safety processes;
  • Approval of medical staff by-laws and execution of board related duties outlined therein;
  • Providing a framework for public and stakeholder engagement;
  • Providing to the Minister plans and reports in line with policy and accountability requirements; and
  • Organizing committees, activities, and general processes through which to conduct its business.

How does the board do its work?

The board of Health PEI meets as a whole on a monthly basis, at locations throughout the province. The board also uses a number of committees and task groups to conduct some of its work. The following is a list of standing board committees:


  • Quality and Safety Committee (standing committee - meets eight times per year)
  • Audit, Compliance and Monitoring Committee (standing committee – meets monthly)
  • Public Engagement Committee (standing committee – meets monthly).

How much time do board members contribute each month?

At a minimum, board members should expect to devote the equivalent of two days each month to board-related work. This includes attending the monthly board meeting, committee work, board planning and development sessions, and meeting preparation.

Are board members paid?
The Health PEI Board covers certain expenses, such as travel to meetings.  In addition, an honorarium is offered to members. These rates are outlined under provincial policy (Treasury Board Policy Section 9: Honoraria). Under this policy, members of the board of Health PEI are entitled to an annual stipend of $4,000 plus a per diem of $142 provided as compensation for attendance at official meetings of the board.

How do I get more information?
For information about the Health PEI Board of Directors, visit  
If you have specific questions, please contact Garth Waite at 902-368-5806 or  
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