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Dental Health

Oral health is important to overall health.  Dental Public Health offers programs that help Islanders achieve and maintain good oral health status.  

Programs focus on preventing and reducing barriers to oral health care services, especially among children and youth who do not have private dental insurance plans.  

Children's Oral Health Programs
Please see the Children's Oral Health Programs brochure for detailed information on what programs and services are covered, where to access services, costs, and approximate dates for preventative dental programs in Island schools.  

Dental Preventative Services Program: 
Who is eligible: Children ages 3-17.
Cost: Preventative dental services provided in schools or dental public health clinics are free.
Services include: Oral health education, cleaning, topical fluoride application, and dental sealants.
Dental Treatment (Diagnostic and Treatment) Services Program:
Who is eligible: Children ages 3-17 who do not have a private dental insurance plan.
Cost: Annual registration fee, and families are expected to pay a 20% parent’s contribution on treatment services, except when exempt.  Families that have a net family income under $30,000 per year are exempt from paying the parental contribution.
Services include: Basic dental treatment including examinations, x-rays, filings, extractions, and root canals on front teeth.

Orthodontic Preventative Program:
Who is eligible: Children ages 3-17 can be referred by their private dentist or a dental public health clinic.

Pediatric Specialist Services Dental Program:
Who is eligible: Children ages 3-17, without private dental insurance, and who need to be treated by a pediatric dental specialist because of medical and/or behavioral problems.

Cleft Lip/Palate Orthodontic Program:
Who is eligible: Children ages 3-17 who are born with a cleft lip and/or palate.

Application Forms:

Children's Dental Treatment Program / Declaration Form  [English]   [French] 
Children's Dental Treatment Program / Exemption Form Parental Contribution
                                                                                             [English]   [French] 
Cleft Lip/Palate Orthodontic Program   [English]

Other Dental Care Programs
Long-Term Care Facilities Dental Program: 
Who is eligible: Residents of long-term care facilities
Services include: Annual screening by a public health dentist, to look for signs of oral disease(s) and condition(s) that are likely to result in pain, and to assess the need for simple preventative procedures that can improve quality of life.  Dental hygienists follow-up by providing preventative services such as cleaning and labeling of dentures, scaling teeth, application of fluoride varnish, etc.  Residents with dental treatment needs are referred to private practice dentists.

Dental Assistance for Social Assistance Clients:
The Social Assistance program helps eligible Islanders with lower incomes obtain essential dental services to relieve pain or infection.

Telephone Toll-free:

Locations where dental services are provided:
CHARLOTTETOWN Health PEI - 161 St. Peters Rd, Charlottetown Dental Public Health Clinic
Sherwood Business Centre
161 St. Peters Road
PO Box 2000
Charlottetown, PE   C1A 7N8

T:  (902) 368-4918
SUMMERSIDE Health PEI - 205 Linden Avenue, Summerside Dental Public Health Clinic
Summerside Health Centre
205 Linden Avenue
Summerside, PE   C1N 2K4

T:  (902) 888-8145
F:  (902) 888-8153
CHARLOTTETOWN Health PEI - Four Neighborhoods Health Centre, Charlottetown Dental Public Health Programs
Four Neighbourhoods Health Centre 
152 St. Peters Road, 2nd Flr
Charlottetown, PE   C1A 5P8

T:  (902) 368-4920
F:  (902) 368-4922
    • Children's Dental Treatment Program: Declaration Form
      [English] [French] 
    • Children's Dental Treatment Program: Exemption Form Parental Contribution
      [English] [French]
    • Cleft Lip/Palate Orthodontic Treatment Funding Program


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