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PEI Drug Information System

The Drug Information System (DIS) is an electronic record of all prescription medications dispensed to Island residents. This information improves the quality and safety of care provided to patients.

Information about your prescription medications is recorded and securely stored in the Drug Information System. Each time you have a new prescription filled, your medication list is updated, helping health professionals determine if a new drug therapy is appropriate based on your past medication history. For more information, view the Drug Information System brochure [PDF | 5 MB].

Why are my medications recorded?
All PEI pharmacists are required by law under the Pharmaceutical Information Act to record your prescriptions in the Drug Information System. Your pharmacist will require your PEI Health Card number in order to add your prescription to your medication profile.

What is my medication profile?
Your medication profile includes information about the prescriptions you have filled, as well as important medication-related information such as allergies, adverse reactions, and medical conditions.

Your medication profile on the electronic system is linked to health care sites such as pharmacies, physicians’ offices, health centres, and emergency departments. Only physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other authorized health care professionals can access it when they need it, allowing them to make safer and more informed decisions about your care.

How does the Drug Information System benefit me?
The drug information system will:

  • reduce the potential for harmful drug interactions, adverse drug reactions, and prescription errors;
  • promote a partnership between your pharmacist and physician for better patient care and counsel; and
  • improve the ability for pharmacists to report adverse drug reactions to Health Canada.

Who can look at my medication information?
Your privacy is protected under the Pharmaceutical Information Act [PDF | 87 KB].

This law:

  • allows only authorized health care professionals with a signed confidentiality form access to your medication profile;
  • specifies reasons why a pharmacist or physician may access your profile; and
  • establishes serious penalties for unauthorized or inappropriate use of profile information.

You can request password protection for your medication profile. You must provide that password to your physician and pharmacist at each visit in order for them to view your profile. Submit the application for a password [PDF | 61 KB] to the Pharmaceutical Information Program.

Can I review my medication profile?
If you wish to view your profile information, complete an application for disclosure [PDF | 64 KB]. Once you provide appropriate identification and a $10.00 processing fee per calendar year, your medication history and access to your profile history will be mailed out to you. 

What if I find an error in my medication profile?
The Pharmaceutical Information Program will review any changes you request. You must give permission for the program to contact the physicians who prescribed the medication and pharmacists to verify the corrections. You will need to provide appropriate identification and complete the application for correction form [PDF | 85 KB].

How can I contact the Pharmaceutical Information Program?
Pharmaceutical Information Program
16 Fitzroy Street
PO Box 2000
Charlottetown, PE   C1A 7N8
Telephone: (902) 368-4947
Toll free: 1-877-577-3737

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