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Out-of-Province Medical Services (non-emergency)

Medical services for an emergency or sudden illness within Canada are covered for Island residents with a valid PEI Health Card. Costs will not be covered for out-of-province non-emergency medical or hospital service unless Health PEI approves the service in advance.

How do I get approval for out-of-province medical service?
Your PEI physician will request approval for your out-of-province health service. Typically, you will be approved if your treatment is not available in the province.

If treatment options within Canada have been exhausted and are not available, an out-of-country request can be submitted and assessed for approval. If approval is granted, all charges for insured services may be covered.

What if I am denied approval for an out-of-province medical service?
You can write to Health PEI to appeal a medical insurance decision.

How will my out-of-province medical service be coordinated?
Your out-of-province appointment and treatment will be coordinated between your PEI physician and the out-of-province physician.

How can I get support to cover my out-of-province travel cost?
If you travel on Maritime Bus for approved medical appointments in Nova Scotia or New Brunswick, your bus ticket may be partly or fully covered through the Out-of-Province Travel Support Program, depending on your income and level of financial support from other areas.

Submit a completed application for out-of-province travel support [PDF | 92 KB] with a current Canada Revenue Agency Notice of Assessment to Health PEI.

Total annual household income Bus ticket subsidy
Under $35,000 100%
$35,001 to $50,000   50%
Greater than $50,000 No subsidy
For more information, call (902) 368-5918 or e-mail

What other information is available?
Out-of-Province Medical Services for Island Residents [PDF | 442 KB] is a brochure with useful information to help you prepare for medical treatment off Island.

How can I contact the Out-of-Province Coordinator?
16 Garfield Street Out-of-Province Coordinator
Health PEI
16 Garfield Street
Charlottetown, PE   C1A 7N8
Telephone: (902) 368-6516
Fax:  (902) 569-0581

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