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Out-of-Province Travel Support Program

If you require medical services in New Brunswick or Nova Scotia, you may qualify for cost assistance to travel with Maritime Bus.

Do I qualify for travel assistance?
Depending on your household income, if you hold a valid PEI Health Card and have not received travel support from a non-government source, you may qualify for travel assistance for approved out-of-province medical services.

Total annual net household income* (CRA line 236)
Bus ticket subsidy
Under $35,000 100%
$35,001 to $50,000   50%
Greater than $50,000 No subsidy

*Household income is based on combined tax returns (both you and your spouse, if applicable) from the immediately preceding tax year - Canada Revenue Agency Notice of Assessment(s) Line 236.

How do I apply for out-of-province travel support?
Submit a current Canada Revenue Agency Notice of Assessment(s) with your completed Out-of-Province Travel Support Application [PDF | 92 KB] or apply online at least 10 days prior to out-of-province travel.

What if I have to make multiple trips?
If you are required to make multiple trips to complete your treatment, you are eligible for coverage under the same initial approval for the Out-of-Province Travel Support Program. 

To apply for multiple trips, submit a completed Out-of-Province Travel Support Multiple Trips Application [PDF | 534 KB] or apply online.

Can I travel with any other bus or shuttle company?
Health PEI currently subsidizes travel only through Maritime Bus.

What other information is available?

How do I contact the Out-of-Province Travel Support Program?
16 Garfield Street Out-of-Province Travel Support Program
Health PEI
16 Garfield Street
Charlottetown, PE   C1A 7N8
Telephone: (902) 368-5918
Fax: (902) 620-3072

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