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Speech Language Pathology

The first years of your child's life are a very important time for learning speech and language.  During this time, your child will start to learn to understand what you are saying and how to make sounds of their own.  These abilities are necessary for your child to learn how to read and write and will help him/her to develop relationships with others.  Approximately one out of ten children will need help to develop these speech and language abilities.

The following is a list of communication development "red flags," or warning.  A "red flag" does not necessarily mean your child has a communication problem; it is a warning that he/she should be evaluated by a speech language pathologist.


You should consider making a referral for your child if:

  • No babbling by 9 months.
  • No first words by 15 months.
  • No consistent words by 18 months.
  • No word combinations by 24 months.
  • Problems understanding your childn's speech at 24 months of age; strangers having problems understanding your child's speech by 36 months of age.
  • Not showing an interest in communicating.
  • Failure to respond as expected by a similarly aged child, such as not responding when spoken to.  This may include signs that the child does not hear well, such as reacting to loud noises.
  • A sudden loss of spech and language ability.  Loss of abilities at any age should be addressed immediately.

How to access this service:
Parents are welcome to make referrals for their children.  The referral form links can be downloaded and e-mailed, faxed, or sent to our office.  You will be contacted to confirm that we received the referral and provided with information to support the process while awaiting services.  

For more information, please contact us at (902) 368-5807 or

Speech Language Pathology is a provincial Public Health Program that is free to access.  Children are able to access this service until they enter school.

Locations where this service is provided:
SOURIS Health PEI - Johnny Ross Young Service Centre / Access PEI, Souris Johnny Ross Young Service Centre
15 Green Street
Souris, PE  
C0A 2B0

T:  (902) 687-7016
F:  (902) 687-7100
MONTAGUE Health PEI - 126 Douses Road, Montague 126 Douses Road
PO Box 3000
Montague, PE  
C0A 1R0

T:  (902) 838-0762
F:  (902) 838-0803
CHARLOTTETOWN Health PEI - Sherwood Business Centre, Charlottetown Sherwood Business Centre
161 St. Peters Road
Charlottetown, PE  
C1A 7N8

Toll Free:  1 844 344 TALK (8255)
F:  (902) 620-3195
SUMMERSIDE Health PEI - 205 Linden Avenue, Summerside 205 Linden Avenue
Summerside, PE  
C1N 2K4

T:  (902) 888-8160
F:  (902) 888-8153
WELLINGTON Health PEI - Evangeline Health Centre Evangeline Health Centre
PO Box 119, 48 Mill Road
Wellington, PE   C0B 2E0

T:  (902) 854-7259
F:  (902) 854-7270
O'LEARY Health PEI - Community Hospital, O'Leary Community Hospital
PO Box 173
14 MacKinnon Drive
O'Leary, PE   C0B 1V0

T:  (902) 859-8720
F:  (902) 859-8701

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