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Resources for Pharmacists

The following PDF files are password-protected. To obtain the password for either the PEI Eligible Physicians List or the PEI Pharmacy Network ID's list, please email

PEI Eligible Physicians List

PEI Pharmacy Network ID's

PEI Interchangeable/Maximum Reimbursable Price (MRP) List

MRP List Memo to Pharmacists - October 2016 (past memos are available here)

PEI Interchangeable/Maximum Reimbursable Price (MRP) List October 2016

PEI Interchangeable/Maximum Reimbursable Price List, in Microsoft Excel format: (Click here)

Formulary updates/pharmacist bulletins are located here.

Drug Information System Bulletins

The new DIS Information Bulletins are a way to stay informed on the latest tips, tricks, features and program information relating to the Drug Information System. 

Drug Information System Privacy and Security Training

Below you will find information on the PEI Pharmaceutical Information Act and Regulations. To view these files and complete the test, you must have a PDF viewer such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, installed on your computer.

Review the Privacy and Security Awareness Training document (pdf) and complete the online test. There are additional privacy and security resources available here.

If you have any questions or concerns about this site or the material contained within, please contact Grant Wyand, Pharmacy Consultant, at or (902) 368-6338. 

Additional Materials
Professional Service Reimbursement Framework
Provincially Reimbursed Medication Review Guidelines
Privacy and Security Resources
Patient Information Modification Form (PDF)
DIS DUR Definitions (PDF)
Pharmaceutical Information Act (PDF)
Pharmaceutical Information Act - Regulations (PDF)
Plain Language Act (PDF)
Plain Language Regulations (PDF)
Quick Information Sheet (DOC)
Provincial Interchangeable Drug List (PDF)
PhIP - Pharmacist Registration Form (PDF)
PhIP - Participating Pharmacy Agreement (PDF)
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