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Provincial Youth Addiction Services

Do I need help?
If you are a young person whose use of alcohol or other drugs is causing you or your family concern, or maybe you are worried about someone else's using or drinking, Addictions Services can help.  For more information, visit

You may be harmfully involved with substances, if you
  • Find it hard to concentrate in class because you are thinking of drinking or using this weekend
  • Hide your substance use from friends and family
  • Miss school or work because of drinking or using drugs
  • Your friends tease you on Monday morning about what you did while you were drunk or high on the weekend
  • Are scared your substance use has gotten out of control
  • Are worried about someone else's substance use

Health PEI - Youth Addictions What support is available?
A referral is made for you to meet with a youth counselor.  This referral can be made by yourself, a parent, a probation officer, a teacher, etc.  A number of issues are discussed to help determine your level of involvement with substances.  Based on this assessment you will be matched to a service appropriate to your level of need.  Programs range in intensity and duration depending on your needs.

If you are concerned about someone else's addiction (a parent, sibling, close friend) you can meet with a counselor to discuss your feelings.

Individual Counselling
Individual counselling is offered on an outpatient basis in every Addiction Services location across the province.  Typically sessions last an hour.  The frequency and duration of counseling sessions are determined based on the needs of each client.  Counsellors use evidence-based treatment approaches such as Motivational Interviewing to help clients recognize and develop strategies to cope with their addictions and related issues.

CAST Program
Addiction Services provides the Coping And Support Training (CAST) Program in PEI junior and senior high schools through Youth Addiction Counselors.  CAST addresses substance abuse (drinking or using drugs), mental well-being, and school performance.  CAST groups are held with 6-8 students and can have a positive lasting impact on youth and how they cope with stressors.

Strength Program
The Strength Program offers a range of programming and supports for youth and families who are dealing with substance abuse, addiction, and other related issues.  The program is for those requiring more intensive treatment.  Housing is available to clients in the Strength Program based on need.  A follow-up program (Connex) is also available for youth and their families.

For more information
Contact an Addiction Services location nearest you.


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